Saturday, January 30, 2010

Addison Grace is almost here...

The time is near for Addison Grace's arrival. SB and I have been working tirelessly to get ourselves prepared for this life changing event. During the last several months we have been doing everything from birthing class, showers, preparing the nursery, etc. I want to take a few minutes to share some photos of the nursery since I am awful proud of the transformation. Obviously, all the creative design and look of the nursery came from Sarah Beth. It was strictly my role to implement what she wanted to be done.

First things of my favorite parts of the nursery. The old rusty door that SB purchased several months ago. We have hung it on the wall as a decorative piece to hang pictures on. You can see a rough look at it below. It still has some work to be done on it but you can get the idea.

Second...the Crib. The crib is pretty simple. Just your standard white baby crib. It was not all that bad to put together and it was one of those things that I just enjoy looking at knowing that it will soon serve as the resting place for my little girl. Thanks again to the wonderful baby shower hostess' for the crib. Thanks to both of our wonderful families for the super cute bedding.

Third...the bookshelf. The bookshelf was a gift from Janice (JoJo) and is a nice edition to the room. You will also notice the wonderful block letters that were handmade by our dear friend, Mia Neff Abrams. The wall above the bookshelf is bare now but another wonderful friend, Laura Jeff McFee, is preparing a special piece for that wall.

Fourth, the Glider/Recliner from Storkland. This was the piece of the nursery where we most invested. The size and comfortableness of this wonderful chair, make it well worth the investment.
Finally...the letters. The letters above the dresser are one of the final touches to the nursery and probably my favorite part of the nursery. There was a small discussion on how to place the letters but in the end, we both settled on the staggered look.
I hope you guys enjoy the look of our Nursery. The final piece is yet to be placed...but it could be any day now!

As you can imagine, the most common question we are continually answering is, "Are you ready?". How does one answer this question? I am sure most people expect you to say, "Yes, we are ready." While SB and I seem to have done every physical part of the planning, there is no true way to ever be prepared for such a life changing event as child birth. While we are human, we must rely solely on the spiritual guidance of our Lord and Savior, the perfect example of a parent.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It has been too long since we have written on this blog but we have had a lot going on and a lot to catch you up on. We were extremely blessed with our baby shower last month and showered beyond our imaginations with wonderful gifts, thanks to all our wonderful friends and family. Michael has been busy at work on the baby’s room and all her fun gadgets. Michael is in love with the stroller and just pushes it around the house in excitement.

As for me it is nearing the end and my body is feeling it! I have carpal tunnel in my hands and sleeping through the night is a distant memory, I am waking up with shooting pains in my arms and my arms are so filled with fluid they literally fill as if they will burst (don’t worry I asked my doctor if my veins would explode and she assured me they would not). ;) I started swelling about a month ago and it is getting worse but I am learning how to tolerate it. Other than that things are progressing beautifully. Addison is passing all of her tests and measurements and we feel so blessed. I would go through the carpal tunnel, swelling, nausea, etc. all over again for such a precious gift.

Michael and I are so excited to meet this sweet little angel in just a few weeks and can’t believe we are about to be full blown PARENTS!!!!