Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 MONTHS! Halloween and Random thoughts:

Ok so here I am again late as usual. Addie turned 9 months old on Friday November 5th. She is still a light in our lives. She has the most precious personality and is so laid back. She is sitting up now which is awesome bc I wasn't sure this day would ever come. She will stand up if I put her hands on the coffee table but I am sure to stay right with her because she isn't too solid on her own yet. She has had 3 ear infections since June and the doctors say we are well on our way to the required 6 before she can get tubs put in. In a perfect world she wouldn't get another one EVER! She hasn't been to her 9 month check up yet so I will try to remember to update you on her stats. However Michael took her to the doctor a couple days ago for the ear infection and she weighed a little over 15 lbs with all her clothes on. She is still a wee little one, we are finally in 6-9 month clothes!

Things that I am uncertain about at this point:

  • When should I start feeding her table food (obviously in bit size little pieces)? It makes me nervous she is going to choke.
  • When should I introduce the sippy cup? I read online that you should try to start rotating a sippy cup in at about 6 months. Should I just put a little water in the cup and let her try that first?
  • Is there something I can do to help promote crawling besides giving her tummy time and putting toys at little out of reaching distance?

For Halloween Addie was a baby chick and simply put was the cutest chick in the entire world. I actually bought the costume on whim at a consignment sale. It was too precious to pass up for $15! Most costumes I had seen (even at Old Navy) were atleast $30. It ended up being a GREAT purchase. I love my little chick.

Michael and I dressed up as Emma Pillsbury and Sue Sylvester from Glee (yes Michael dressed up like a girl)...We dressed up with two of our great friends from Bible Study Drew (Artie) and Shannon (Quin, pre-pregnancy). It was a lot of fun!

At this Halloween party I discovered a new love "Just Dance" on the Wii. I have not been sold on the Dance revolution and the Wii fit because one looks like a workout (no fun) and other more like just stomping around (no fun). So when I first was told about this game my expectations were not very high but then I saw it.... I wanted to play immediately and I must admit I was a little sad we had so many people there because it meant I only got to dance to THREE songs! But it was super fun because we had a dance off and it got pretty intense towards the end. Check out the pics below:

Lindsay was the ultimate winner but it was a tough challenge to take down her opponent (the male winner) Brett.

Michael has been busy lately (this is his busy time with work) and so it had been busy at our house. I am ready for things to slow down a little but I can't overlook the amazing season that is about to begin (the holidays). I really want to make an effort this year to not get too carried away in all the Christmas festivities to forget what this season is all about. I want to really remember how our savior was born and how incredible it is that he wasn't just placed on this earth as a grown king already (which he could have been) but that he was born a baby. He walked through life the same way we do. He had struggles like we do. The only difference is he overcame those struggles not just the big ones but every single little one that he encountered. I want to make sure that I remember Him during this time and who he was and is!
Lastly I have been a little down lately (no it isn't just because Alabama is not going to win the National Championship but, it doesn't help). I think it is because of the business of life. I hate when life gets so busy that we don't get to see our friends and family as much as we would like. I really want to focus on getting together with friends and spending quality time with my family. Right now I have a love/hate relationship with Fall. It has so many wonderful things like football, holidays etc. but it also fills up my calendar with those things and I can't see the end until January! I feel an overwhelming push to really start clearing my calendar for greater things. Here's to breaking out of my "box".

Oh and my brain is already racing with 1st birthday ideas!


  1. Hey SB! I loved getting to catch up on what Addie is doing! It makes me sad to realize I don't get to see y'all much! Here is my humble advice on the things you're uncertain of...

    table food - I too was very nervous about choking. He was about 8 1/2 months when we started finger foods. I started slow and easy with really soft things like cheese (a slice torn in pieces), banana (if you pinch it instead of cut it the pieces are less slippery), baked apple (I actually bake lots of apples at once and freeze them in halves or fourths so I'll have them handy), and steamed baby carrots (same as the apples - make a big batch and freeze). Miller picked up things way faster than I thought and so far (knock on wood!) no choking! She might just surprise you ;) Now he eats what we eat (most of the time), but I sometimes add more fruits and veggies (so much for lead by example :)

    sippy cup - I remember reading that same thing and trying a cup around 7 months, laughing hysterically, and putting it back in the cabinet for another few months. I guess Miller was about 10 months before we really started working on it. Just before his first birthday we dropped the bottle completely. I found that he didn't get it when I put water in there since he wasn't used to water. He did much better when I put breast milk or formula in there. I only did a little bit at first so I didn't waste much and then he had a bottle. Once I knew he had the hang of it I would only give him is cup for one meal and then move on from there to drop the bottle.

    I'm no help on the crawling thing, except to say ENJOY not having to chase her a little longer ;)

    Oh, and I think we could have a serious dance-off with that game...

  2. Thanks Whit!! That is all great advice. I would love for ya'll to swing by at some point during the holidays (over the next couple months). I would love for Miller and Addie to get to play together, plus I miss you!

  3. She's sitting up!! Yea! As for the crawling, get a toy that moves - like a train or something that she would have to chase after. And, I would do water or milk in sippy. And, whitney's ideas are great on table food. We also loved those little puffs you can buy. They are suppose to dissolve in their mouth. Definitely would just mash up a banana first really lump, but you are good to go to try some things! She'll surprise you I'm sure.