Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok so Michael will probably think this post is uncalled for but I feel the need to BRAG ON MY HUSBAND. Michael truly is a wonderful husband and father. I am not going to lie I knew he would be which is one of the reasons I married him. Anyways I have been reminded a lot lately of how amazing he is and how blessed I am. Michael has Addie duty in the mornings. I had to change my work schedule to be at work at 7:30 each morning and Addie’s daycare doesn’t open until 8 putting Michael in charge of Addie’s mornings. He wakes her, dresses her and takes her to school each morning. I know he loves this time in the mornings with her because he tells me every day! The ladies at daycare have called him “A VERY INVOLVED DAD” and seem so impressed with his presence. Michael of course thinks it is sad that they are so impressed with an involved dad. Also the ladies at my office constantly tell me “Do you know how lucky you are?” And I think YES I DO. Michael called last Friday because he got off work a little early and said do you want me to pick up Addie so you can run some errands this afternoon? He volunteered to take over afternoon duty so I could get some things done. In our lives this is pretty normal volunteering to help each other out and we love doing it for each other and spending the extra time with Addie. Anyways Michael really does have such a big role in raising Addie and he still finds time to be a great friend and husband. The greatest part about when he helps out is he does it because he WANTS to and because he is Addie’s Dad and feels the responsibility to do it. He doesn’t see it as him doing me a favor (as some men do) but this is OUR child and OUR life and we are living it TOGETHER! I really do feel so blessed that he is my husband and my partner walking through life with me.


  1. Addie has a great daddy! And I have to add that she has been blessed with a stunningly beautiful face. With you as her mommy she'll be just as beautiful on the inside too! Sorry, I just had to gush for a minute, she's so precious!

  2. What a blessing. I think Ben gets Lucy duty a lot. Claire's schedule right now has her at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. So nice to see the daddies involved. We get to see Lucy this weekend. Yea!!

  3. I feel the exact same way about my sweet Love, Nick. I thank God every day that I married a man that gladly assumes responsibilities and helps make everything not only easier, but FUN! you should check out Newsweek this week. The cover story is about how America needs to redefine masculinity, starting with Fathers' roles. In some countries, like Sweden, men are PAID to take maternity leave, sometimes up to 4 months and research shows that the impact this legislature is taking has positive affects on children's behavior and performance in school. tell mike and addie hi for me ;)