Friday, August 5, 2011


Today Addie is 18 months old!  Since I don't have it together enough for one of those cute month shots that mom's tend to do I thought I would just unload some pics and videos from my phone for you to enjoy:

Eating her typical dinner (mac n cheese).  Seriously I am so bad with dinner.  I try to get her to eat other things and venture out but usually it is a big accomplishment if she eats even a bite or two.  I could send her to bed without eating but who wants to wake up in the middle of the night with a hungry baby?  So we always end up giving her mac n cheese.  She doesn't pitch a fit or anything she simply says "no" to other foods and will want to get down and just not eat!  So mac n cheese it is.  Plus she is forced to eat other foods at daycare or so I tell myself :)

Bath time video:  So another silly parenting thing, Addie took a bath in a baby bath tub (you know the one in the sink) until about 2 weeks ago!  Every time we tried to put her in the big bath tub she would scream bloody murder like she was scared to death.  Anyways about 2 weeks ago we tried again and she cried at first (not as bad as usual) but then once she was in there for a minute she started playing with the toys and cried when we tried to take her out of the tub.  Now she loves baths..YAY

Showing her bear how to play with the toy:

Too cool for school:

I love when we get her laughing really good, her dad was really getting her here:

What is better than a Popsicle on a hot day!

Ok so I hope you enjoyed.  I don't know her stats yet because we haven't been to the doctor.  Here is what I do know she is probably close to 22 lbs and that means it is time to buy new car seats (yes she is still in the pumpkin seat). 

We still love our precious girl like crazy!!!  She is the most amazing baby EVER!  Ok I might be a little partial but I seriously believe it is true.

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