Thursday, August 5, 2010


I meant to post this last Thursday so I am late but atleast I finally posted something!

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ADDIE GRACE!!! Addie is 6 months old today. I know everyone says it but it really does go by so quickly. I look back at pictures of Addie when she was born and it is hard to remember her being that small. Addie has brought so much Joy to our lives. She is the most precious gift that God has ever given myself or Michael. Addie is completely full of JOY! She smiles constantly, it is usually one of the first things people notice - how much she smiles. The lady at our daycare said she smiles all day long! Addie does so many little things that make us smile:

  • She clasps her hands constantly as if she were praying. She does this most often when she is eating her bottle or sleeping.
  • She is a blabber mouth, she is constantly babbling. I think she will talk early.
  • She does this cute smacking thing with her mouth...makes Michael and me melt.
  • She loves to do "Super Addie" and will always crack up
  • She loves putting EVERYTHING in her mouth - her toes are among her favorites.
  • When she sees her bottle she will hold her arms out making groaning noises while kicking her legs
  • She has started holding her own bottle - when she drops it she can't place it back in her mouth but she can hold it to her mouth for a while
  • She loves this one position that her daddy holds her in (right at his side), often times when I can't settle her down this position will work.
  • She just started eating peas a couple of days ago (her first solids) - she doesn't like them but she is a good sport and will eat them
  • She did not like the beach, she couldn't open her eyes because it was so bright and she got very hot (she is going to be like her Mama)
  • She loves to sleep! She is a great napper she usually takes three naps a day one right after her feeding at 6:30am (this is great for Mommy and Daddy on the weekends) for about hour or hour and 1/2. And then two others one usually lasting about 2 hours the other closer to one. She goes to bed around 8 and USUALLY sleeps through the night (if she wakes up bf 6 I usually don't count that as sleeping through the night). She had a spurt where she would wake up at 5 (ugh we had to nip that in the bud quickly).
  • She has a weak tummy and wakes some great hmmm..... noises!
  • Often times when I am feeding her she will look into my eyes and rub my is such a priceless moment.
  • She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Michael and I don't know how we got so lucky but she must be the perfect mix of us. She has the most beautiful features.
  • She loves The Backyardigans (a cartoon on disney). If she is crying you can put it on and keeps her busy for about 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Her fussy time right now is about 6:30pm -7:30pm but is slowly decreasing in time and I hope starting to fade away. During her fussy time Mommy and Daddy don't get to sit down while holding her, she prefers to stand!
  • She loves riding in the car and majority of the time will fall asleep.
  • She is a content little baby. By six months most babies are rolling over, sitting up or at the very least pushing on their legs when you hold them up Addie however, is not! She has no desire to roll, sit up on her own or push off her legs she would much rather lay down or sit in her bouncy seat. We have been working with her on rolling over and she gets really close but then just smiles and rolls back to her original position. Plus her head is heavy for a tiny little body. She weighs in the 10% and her head is in the 50%. SHE STILL LOOKS PRECIOUS but it must be hard to hold her head up.
  • She has had a "cold" pretty much since the day she was born (the doctor says it is normal for a child in daycare) so she SNORES! It is so precious but she really does snore.

Sometimes I wonder if she can understand how much I love her. Obviously she doesn't fully grasp it but I think she knows that she is a well loved baby. I can't imagine my life without her and I don't want to.

Your Mom and Dad love you very very much Addie!

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  1. So sweet. We went back through Miller's post and read about the things he was doing at different stages. We couldn't believe the stuff we'd already forgotten! All that to say, you'll be SO glad you recorded all of these little details :) I loved reading them too!!