Friday, August 6, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We are so fortunate to have great friends that invited us to stay with them at the beach! The last week in July our "little family" got to take a week long trip to the beach with our good friends Ben, Claire and Lucy. It was so fun and RELAXING. Beach trips with babies are quite different than beach trips pre-baby. I must admit I have NEVER been a beach bunny. Growing up I was always the one rolling out of bed at 11 and joining the crew on the beach going in for lunch around 12 and staying in until about 2 then going back out to the beach until I came in early to "get ready" for dinner. But with a baby I even got less time on the beach. Addie hated the beach....she has really light/sensitive eyes and couldn't open them when we went outside. We even rented an umbrella to help shade us but the sun reflected off the sand. Also she would get sooo hot very quickly (seriously feel bad for her that she got that from her mama). Needless to say she liked playing inside better. But it was so nice to be able to have a week off to relax in such a wonderful place. It was nice going to the beach with another couple with a baby about Addie's age (Lucy) bc they got to play together and we could rotate watching the babies! We had such a great trip and really want to thank Ben and Claire for allowing us to go with them.
Addie getting ready for the beach:
Addie relaxing in the beach chair (well maybe not relaxing):
Addie and Lucy playing:

Eady Family Picture: (This is probably the best one we you can see it was too bright for Addie)

Beaumont Family Picture:

Date Night: (This was the night Michael and I got to go on a baby free date)
Addie showing off her shades: (Thanks Ben & Claire)

Daddy's and their daughters:

Pool Time:

After Pool Time:
Addie's bloomers:

My two favorite people:

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! Love all of the pictures!