Monday, August 9, 2010

HHS Reunion

GO BUCS!!! That seems like the appropriate way to start this blog. We had our 10 YEAR High School Reunion a couple weekends ago, seems crazy that it has been that long. If you don't know me very well then you may not know that I LOVED High School! Most people probably think I am a little crazy for how much I loved not just High School but HOOVER High School. I am so extreme that I refuse to live in Vestavia (not that we could afford it anyways) but I refuse to ever live there because as I tell Michael "What if we plan to live there just a couple years and then we LOVE it and have to stay...I can't possible bring myself to say "Go Rebels" I know I know it is a little extreme and if a steal of a house came or for some reason our house got re-zoned for Vestavia I think I would make do (heck our property value would go up like crazy). All that being said I truly was SO excited about my high school reunion and it was BETTER than I imagined. I hate that it went by so quickly and I hardly had time to talk to everyone but it was great. I loved seeing everyone and loved dancing the night away. I still loved being around all those Hoover Bucs as much as when we left.

I must give a shout out to Brandon Triola. Brandon was always very good at public speaking and anything to do with putting on a show. Brandon was asked to do a "roast" at our reunion and he nailed it. Yes it was a tad inappropriate and definitely crossed some lines but isn't that what a roast is all about. It made me smile but it honestly felt like we were back in high school reminiscing on the people and the fun times. Thanks Brandon!

In all my excitement I didn't get to take many pics (I didn't even take one of Michael & me) but here are the few I managed to capture:

Me and My Best Friend SINCE 3rd GRADE, Whitney:

Michael & Aldger:

Me & Another Bestie, Leslie:

Brandon & April (Facebook King & Queen):

Kristen & Me getting the dancing started:

Pictures from the Roast:

Sexy Catty:

Can't wait for the next reunion...I agree with Jay Hines "Can we have an 11 year reunion?"
To answer him "YES I BELIEVE WE CAN!!!"

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  1. YAY! looks like you guys had a BLAST! so glad it was so much fun!!