Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 months (almost 8 months)


I am not the greatest blogger, but I don’t know what will be interesting to people. I guess I should do what other people do and use this as my own scrapbook to keep up with even the smallest things that I care about. List of things about Addie right now:

  • She is rolling over (she rolled over for the first time on August 7). She is funny though because most babies that finally roll over start to do it ALL THE TIME. Babies will use it as a way to get from one place to another, Addie does not. She doesn’t seem to desire to roll over. She only does it when she really wants to which MIGHT be once a day. She loves being on her back playing with toys (it is much more relaxing).

  • She is laughing. Michael and I have so much fun making her laugh. We have taken some videos of her laughing and I need to upload them for ya’ll to see (however it would probably be more amusing for you to watch a video of us trying to make her laugh).

  • She can finally sit in her jumper/exersaucer. For the longest time she was TOO small to really enjoy this toy but now she can sit in it and play for about 15 – 20 mins. It still doesn’t keep her occupied for as long as the bouncy seat or activity mat but she likes it more. She is not to the point where she pushes off her feet and bounces herself yet. Once she does that I am sure this will keep her occupied for longer.

  • She has really dry skin – (Moms out there let me know if you have any advice). Lately her skin has been breaking out in what looks like rashes. Sometimes I think it is heat rash but other times maybe just dry skin? She might be having a reaction to our laundry detergent and so I am switching (I moved away from dye free kind and maybe shouldn’t have). Anyways the doctor said he thought it was just dry skin to put lotion on her but I feel like it is getting worse. Maybe a thicker lotion more often is the answer???

  • She might have acid reflux – Another one for the moms out there. I think Addie throws up probably once a week or once every two weeks. She will eat something and immediately throw up. At first I thought it was certain foods making her gag (I still think green peas do that) but she has done it with several foods and it doesn’t seem to have a pattern. Plus she still has gas through the night that wakes her up and she has a hard time settling back down. And she seems to have hard time with her bowel movements (and I feed her pears, prunes, peaches, oatmeal – all the things they tell you to). She just has a weak stomach.

  • Addie does not sleep through the night. It has taken me a while to fully admit this. Addie slept through the night for a couple months and then we moved and things changed and we never settled back in to a good routine. Addie got an ear infection pretty soon after we moved and ever since then has not slept through the night. She SEEMS to be waking up because of tummy aches since every time she wakes up she is passing gas but once she starts she can’t go back to sleep without us feeding her. She usually wakes up anywhere between 3:00 – 6:00. The great thing is she always goes right back to sleep…Even if it is 6 she will go back to sleep and sleep until 9 or until we wake her up. She is capable of putting herself back to sleep through the night I have seen her wake and put her paci back in but when she wakes up at the 3-6 time passing gas she won’t put herself back down. We have tried letting her cry it out but she will cry so hard that she can’t catch her breath and starts gagging (maybe I am a softie but I can’t watch her do that). During the day I let her cry sometimes to nap but she doesn’t cry the same way during the night. Anyways that is where we are at. She is a great napper though and noises don’t seem to wake her up at all. She has slept through us drilling, nailing up pictures, laughing, playing rock band, playing games with friends, pretty much everything!

  • Babbling – she is talking like crazy! The ladies at daycare have even mentioned how fun it is to listen to her talk. (They also constantly mention how laid back she is). Her babble is starting to sound more like words. She makes noises that sound like “dadadada” which of course Michael swears he is saying dada. She technically is saying dada but does that count as her first word when I am not sure she knows what she is saying. Also she says babababab which is what we call her bottle her “baba.” Of course I think I have heard something that sounds like mama but she doesn’t do this consistently.

  • She is so happy! She really is such a happy baby. She smiles ALL the time and loves to be loved on. She is simply a joy to be around.

  • The next thing on my list is to fully start making her food. I have done it a couple times and then we started retiling our kitchen and now that I have my kitchen back I need to get back in routine of making her food. Any good suggestions? I don’t eat fruit and veggies much so sometimes I have a hard time thinking of things.

  • Oh one little thing is she loves taking my glasses off…As soon as I put my glasses on she wants to take them off of my face. She will contort body to be able to reach my face from whatever position she is in to remove my glasses…when she finally does she smiles really big as if she accomplished something great. Then they immediately get put in her mouth.

  • SPEAKING OF MOUTHS…she is getting her first tooth (maybe another reason for the waking up in the middle of the night). You can see her little tooth pushing through and you can feel it. I am so excited to see her first tooth. She is not drinking much of her bottles during the day (2 -3 ounces at each sitting) and the doctor says it is bc her gums are probably sore and it hurts to suck that long. I am ready for the tooth to push through. Other than the waking up that once though she hasn’t been moody or anything which is such a blessing!

    Michael and I just love her to pieces!!!


  1. She is growing up so fast! You will be so glad you took the time to document all of these "little things". The only two things I can help with might be the baby food and the tooth. I'm not sure what you've tried, but some different things {aka, things gerber doesn't make - i think} that Miller always liked were asparagus, broccoli (although this might not be great at night if she's gassy), blueberries (which he liked with plain yogurt). I always made the typical fruits and veggies too and it wasn't too hard. He is a great eater now (knock on wood)and I really do think that the variety of taste and texture helped him to become such a good eater.

    For teething, try wetting the corner of a washcloth and freezing it. It feels good on their gums AND helps the tooth come through faster because the rough texture of the washcloth wears the gum away (or so I've read). Miller seemed to like it.

  2. It's me again! Ha! I read an article in a magazine last night about babies waking out of habit to eat in the middle of the night. They suggested decreasing the amount every other night or so to get the baby eating more during the day (and out of the vicious cycle of needing to eat in the middle of the night). They also suggested giving water to satisfy the habit, but not fill up on calories that they should be getting during the day. No idea if either will work, but I thought about you when I read it and wanted to pass the info along :)